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Support (forum) yes yes yes yes
Documentation yes yes yes yes
Build (builder) no yes yes yes
Test (sandbox) no yes yes yes
Download (your creations) no no yes yes
Hosting period *    

300 days

after expiration


Price Free Free


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Register first


* According to the terms of uses, Cook Self Service is gonna suppress your projects if your account has not been renewed during a period of 300 days after expiration. If you subscribe for a life account both your projects and your datasets will be kept hosted on our servers forever.

With a life account you will be able to download your creations forever.


You do not need to keep your subscribtion active for using or distributing your creations.

Once you have downloaded your projects, you can use them as your please but do not forget to check the included third part licenses (Bootstrap, jQuery, IcoMoon, Chosen, jQueryFormvalidator) if you want to change the license of your creations.


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