New Feature :
Wizard : Unique Groups
Wizard Unique Groups

Define a set of fields to be unique between themselves.
New feature : Added menu filters for better SEOMenu Filters
  • Boolean filter
  • State filter
  • Date filter
  • Time Filter
  • Range Filter (Integer / Date / Time / Datetime)

Important fix : Javascript validator works now with chosen (Thanks to Romkabouter)
New Feature : Modal Size

You can now directly choose the size of the modal popup.
In the builder, in the link behaviour tab,
Choose the target : Modal, then you can define a size for it.

Modal Size

Relations N:m & N:1image xref

A nice step has been achieved in this version.
You can finaly have access to this awesome feature.

Relations allows you to load cross reference lists : Many to Many, or Many to One.
The forms allows you to set up those relations easily with a multiple selection input.

Learn more : Relations


New feature : Pure FOF
You can now choose the build your component for FOF without any Cook Self Service proposals. Features are limited, but at least it avoid any herectic exotic customs.
This is the option to choose for testing FOF and starting playing with.
You can find this option in the 'FOF' advanced options of your component.


FOF 3.0 (experimental):

Available option for building your components for Framework On Framework.
This feature is for discovering the tool and learning FOF 3.0
See more here : Framework-On-Framework

Dataset Manager

Introduction of a visualizer to see your datasets snapshots.Dataset Manager The manager allows you to delete the snapshots.

When you choose a sandbox with empty dataset, the manager import the last dataset snapshot, whatever the version, and copy it to the selected empty sandbox.

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