Made to fit your needs

Joomla standard

Standard Joomla MVC
Cook can create for you a Joomla! standard Model-View-Controller component that will allow customisation through template over rides.

Your component is written in a comprehensible, readable and logical manner, perfect for Joomla developers, designers or those looking to learn and expand their skills.


Cross compatibility
Your creations are back compatible for all alive versions of the moment.
We keep support 6 months more than the official death of a version.



Packaged Joomla component
Your component is packaged in a .zip archive. The only thing you have to do is to install it in your favorite CMS.


No required knowledge

Joomla Beginner PHP
You do not need to be a PHP developer to build your own components !

The layout object based designer helps you in a simple and logical manner.
Of course, the more you know about HTML, PHP, CSS or SQL, the better you will be able to go forward an create extended functionalities.

 Constant evolution

Joomla Evolution Cook
Cook is growing.

The builder runs on a powerful framework that allows a lot of possibilities.
We are constantly working on new features and tools, with lots of functionalities still under wraps.



Drag'n'Drop - AJAX

Joomla Builder Ajax Drag&Drop
Any component requires a lot of parameters so with the Cook interface this job is made really easy.

Compose everything by dragging elements, toolboxes, re-ordering or even deleting. Boundaries change color to show if the action can be completed.
Learn more : The builder

Database Designer

Joomla Database Designer
Designing a database has never been so easy !

Compose your tables with pretty pre-defined fields, define relationships between your tables.


Database diagram

Joomla Database diagramm
Graphically see your database tables and their related links.

Simply drag tables around to help understand your tables relationships.

Datasets Manager

Manage the list of the datasets snapshots took at every component rebuild in the sandbox.

Dataset download

If you have build valuable lists in the sandbox, you can embed them in your component or download them separately.

Layout designer

Joomla Layout designer
Layouts are the pages of your component.

Create and name them as you want. Choose the bricks to put inside, and fill them with your database fields.
It's impossible to make it easier !


Joomla Sandbox Test Component
No need to download and install your component each time you do a modification!

Use Sandbox mode and in a few seconds you can test your component in a Joomla demo.
You can insert unlimited datasets and continue to evolve your component keeping all or your data.


Basic component abilities

Wizards - Model behaviors

Joomla creation date
A simple wizard is provided to help in automatically defining the date of creation or modification of an item.

Joomla Component publishing system
A simple wizard is provided to help you implement a publishing system, perfect so that front users only see the published items.

Joomla component ordering system
A simple wizard is provided to help you to set up order of the items, you can also define an ordering group such as a Category.

Joomla Viewlevels
A simple wizard is provided to help you to create access control for the views of your table elements.

Joomla Aliasing system

A simple wizard is provided to help you set the automagic alias the field of your choice.


Joomla Lists Grids
Your grid data can be made to be sortable or grouped by a table type and even joined.

A classic joomla pagination helps you to navigate.

Joomla forms component

Customise your forms for both back-end and/or front-end views. Add Fields, Bricks, Tasks and Filters too.

Joomla Fly page component
A flypage is a simple, additional view layout in your item. Include it and add any data type of your choice. 

Unlimited levels of joined datas are allowed


features responsiveMake your applications responsive for mobile phones and tablets.
Every data object contain a property to set the responsive context.

Toolbars and tasks

Joomla toolbar and tasks
You can create toolbars for both back-end and front-ends views and insert tasks buttons such as Save, Apply and Edit directly in the grid.

Tasks in grid

Call a task from a list row button. Buttons can be individuals, grouped or grouped by neighbours.

Control Panel

 A simple home page for your component.

Searches & Filters

Joomla Filters
Filter your data as you want it. Lists can be grouped on infinite join level.

Joomla Search Engine
Unlimited searches on all reachable joined data.

Multiples searches per list.
Infinite numbers of fields to search on.

Menu filters

Filter your pages from the menus manager.


Include easily your component from a third-part script. The classes are only registered and not loaded in memory until used.

Learn more : Loader

Access Control List (ACL)

Joomla ACL Access control list
Cook works with the Joomla! ACL so your component can be used to provide or limit access to users or user groups. Very useful when your creating a front-end management interfaces.


 Joomla multilanguage international component
Your component will adopt the Joomla! standard use of languages files, so you can easily translate it.

Search Engine Friendly

Joomla SEF Mode URL Rewriting
Remember, Cook works with Joomla! not against it, so your component will be compatible with SEF modes.

Installation scripts

Installation scripts
If you want to add some additional installation processes when you distribute your component, you can write them in the provided blank and ready-to-use installation scripts.


Abilities proposed by Cook

Fork engine (facultative)

features forksYou are now able the reinstall and keep your changes if you follow a good coding practice.

Learn more : The forks

Lists groups

Joomla Data Groups
You can view the lists with a joined table header for each group.

The groups are cumulative, so you can define unlimited groups levels.

 Foreign Keys integrities

Joomla Foreing Key Integrities
You can decide to delete items in cascade by removing a parent item.

There are no level limitations.


Propagate Accesses

Propagate accesses from a foreign table to a curent table.
For example when a category is not accessible, the items of this category will not be loaded.

This is a security potection it applies directly on the SQL query.

Files & Images

Joomla Component Files & Images
Handle files and images uploader.
Indirect files access
Lots of thumbnail possibilities (crop, center, resample, fit...) and even define your allowed file types.


Field Valivator

Joomla Field Validators
We provide you with a collection of regular expressions so you can design the input validation and corresponding messages that you may need.
Validation is processed in PHP and Javascript before to validate.


Preview and edit in popup

Beautiful feature, coupled with Ajax.
Uses Ajax file uploader when coupled with file field form

Modals pickers

Joomla Modal pickers
A modal picker is an items browser. See it in Joomla! when you create a menu item for your component pages.


Kill the post

 Joomla Kill the post Url rewriting Joomla SEF mode
Don't worry about the post as Cook rewrites the URL each time a post is submitted.


JDom Rendering Framework

Joomla JDom HTML abstraction layer
JDom is a JHTML style extensible framework. It has born on the earlier days of Joomla when the HTML was incomplete and too rigid for the developper.
With JDom, enjoy an easy way for instancing HTML 
JDom is not part of the application layer so you can substitute it, if you want.

Learn more : JDom


Building options


Framework on Framework v3.0

FOF 3.0 introduces a totaly new revolutionary way for coding Joomla!
learn more : FOF